The rules


Sunset Captiva Homeowners Rules & Resolutions

(Revised March 2020)


Sunset Captiva is a delightful community of private homes, occupied by residents who may be owners, guests or renters. All residents are entitled to an enjoyable experience and the respect for their rights, comfort, and convenience. All residents must observe our rules. Although they restrict our behavior, they are common courtesies that make everyone’s stay more enjoyable. These Rules and Resolutions have been adopted to assure that every owner, guest and renter at Sunset Captiva shares in the amenities of our community. But, in the final analysis, it is everyone’s mutual respect and courtesy that makes this even more a special place. We expect voluntary compliance. Guests and renters should respect and adhere to our rules and regulations.

Property Manager:

George Hoch is responsible for enforcing our Rules and Resolutions and for exterior maintenance of the pool and common areas. This does not include working on individual homes, which is the responsibility of the owner or the rental manager. George can be reached at 239-395-3167 or his cell number 239-292-1603. For other questions about the property, call Maggie Duignan, CAM of Island Management Group at 239-395-1656. In case of emergency, call 911.

Home Occupancy:

Renters are subject to occupancy limits of the Association. In no case can the maximum occupancy exceed 6 persons for two-bedroom homes, or 8 persons for three-bedroom homes, as originally built. Violation of these rules will result in contact with the owner and/or rental agent for resolution. Sunset Captiva property owners may not rent or lease their units for periods of less than seven (7) days in conformity with Lee County Code, Sec. 33-1626 (c)(3). Further, owners may not advertise their units for rent or lease for periods of less than seven (7) days.

Sunset Captiva Association operates on a Septic System:

Please do not flush personal hygiene products or diapers in the toilets.

Safety and Courtesy:

All residents should maintain quiet hours from 11:00PM to 8:00AM as a courtesy to their neighbors. This includes turning off exterior lights by 10:00PM unless necessary for late arrivals. No grills are allowed at any unit, with the exception of those owners who do not rent their unit and have either signed the Hold Harmless Agreement or have a $3 million dollar umbrella policy, which they must keep during the time the grill is on their property. The grill must also be placed at least 10 feet from the eave overhang when in use. For renters and/or guests grilling is only allowed at the grills provided in the complex. We have provided several lighted gas grills in the common areas around the outside of the pool fence. After use, please clean up the grill area and turn off the gas and lights. For the appearance of our community, we do not permit the hanging of bathing suits, towels, etc. from the stairs or railings. Beach toys, umbrellas, bicycles, and sporting equipment should be stored out of sight.

Trash and Recycling:

We share our island with native animals, among them raccoons who like to explore our trash and garbage. Therefore, we dispose of trash in tightly closed receptacles, under our homes. We recycle cans, bottles, plastic and newspapers in the bins provided for their collection. Our horticulture and recycling waste may be picked up as early as 7:00 AM on Wednesday morning. Place the recycle bins at the street on Tuesday night. Horticulture waste must be bundled and tied or placed in trash cans and placed street side NO earlier than 7:00 AM Tuesday for a 7:00 AM Wednesday pickup. Trash and garbage may be picked up as early as 7:00 AM on Thursday morning. You may want to place your containers street side on Wednesday night. Once waste is collected, please place your containers under the house.


While owners and immediate family may have pets in their units, without exception renters and guests are not permitted to have pets of any kind. Owners and owners' immediate families with pets must keep them under control at all times, must not allow them to roam, and must not leave them tethered and unattended, and must immediately clean up all deposits.


We are a private community, limited to owners, our guests and renters. Other than contractor and other workers providing temporary service, no other persons or vehicles are permitted access. Our speed limit is 10 miles per hour; slower is quite OK. Be on the lookout for children. Motorcycles, scoop coupes, mopeds, travel trailers and motor homes are not permitted on the property. Because we have narrow streets and a short driveways parking is an important issue: Owners as well as renters may only park trailers and boats on trailers under their own unit. No trailers or boats on trailers are permitted on the property at any time unless stored completely under the unit. There is a limit of two cars per home at any time. Parking is not permitted on our streets or in any area that impedes the access of others. When parking a car, look around to be certain that it will not interfere with anyone else.

Tennis Courts:

The tennis courts open for play at 7:30 AM and close at dusk. Signup sheets are available at the courts. Play is limited to one hour if others are waiting. The courts can be damaged by inappropriate use, thus only proper tennis shoes with white soles are permitted. Bicycling, skateboarding, in-line skating and other non-tennis activities (basketball, soccer balls etc.) are not permitted.

Boat Docks:

Guests and renters must contact George Hoch 239-395-3167 or 239-292-1603 before bringing a boat to our docks. George will assign slips. Under no circumstances should anyone dock a boat in a “no-mooring” area. If George is not available, contact Maggie Duignan, LCAM at 239-395-1656. Parking at the docks is limited to loading and unloading boats. Boaters must present a “Certificate of Insurance” prior to docking a craft at our docks. Please fax insurance certificate to 239-472-3921. Due to limited dock space, only one boat per unit may be placed at our docks. Unaccompanied minors are not allowed on the docks.