Island Life


"Island living means having a front row seat of nature’s performance." - A. Mehring

Things move slower on the island. The stressors of day-to-day life melt away under the tropical sun. Palm trees dance in the sea breeze. Entertainment is found in the daily majesty of golden sunsets and the sound of the surf kissing the shores. 

Things are simpler on the island. Laid back decisions for how to spend your time while vacationing down on Captiva tend to become the norm of the renters of our home. Less planning, more relaxing. Less rush, more carefree. Less complex, more simple. The culture of the community and neighborhood welcome you to take everything in at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Things taste better on the island. Local restaurants prepare meals sure to delight your taste buds with seasonal fruits and vegetables. And the daily catch - caught locally - is as fresh as you can get! When you combine great recipes with the unmatched setting and ambience, you have culinary magic reserved only for dining experiences as special as those found on Captiva Island.

Join us at Captiva Retreat and experience an entirely new way of living and vacationing in Florida's tropical embrace!

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