When you reserve our Captiva Island vacation rental home, you’re in for a week of fun and relaxation. There are lots of activities for individuals and families along the Sanibel coastline. Of all the attractions that bring visitors our way, one of the most memorable is collecting seashells on the beach. Sanibel is famous for having some of the most beautiful (and intact) shells anywhere in the United States.


Sanibel Island Ranked Top Shelling Beach in the Country

Travel & Leisure recently ranked Sanibel Island as the #1 shelling beach in North America. And it’s no wonder due to the scores of visitors that come to our shores from all over the world. Our Captiva Vacation Rental gives you instant access to the beach so that you can collect shells bring, them back to the resort, and then go out again. You’re likely to find perfect pastel coquinas and false angel wings as well as scores of other shells. Be ready for the competition as beachcombers gather daily in search of that perfect shell.


The “Sanibel Stoop”

Collecting shells along the beach has become such a pastime on Sanibel Island and Captiva Island that it’s common to see many locals and tourists doing the “Sanibel Stoop.” What is the stoop? It’s the bent-at-the-waist position where shell enthusiast bend over with excitement when they spot that one shell that may be a keeper. You’ll also find conchs, whelks, scallops, and clam shells around many of the Sanibel vacation rentals. We discover them around our retreat.


Why So Many Shells?

What makes Sanibel the perfect gathering place for shells is its geographical location. The island has a moon-shaped coastline. When the tides come in, many of the shells are trapped inside the coast and have no way of escaping. Therefore, they gather in large groups and wash up along the shoreline. An endless array of shells rest on the sand waiting for combers to come and claim them. The abundance of shells is why USA Today ranked Sanibel Island among the top ten Florida attractions. Whether you scour the beach or drop in at a local store, you can find almost any shape and color shell.


Captiva Retreat Island Resort

If you’re looking to vacation on Sanibel Island, then make your reservation at Captiva Retreat. We offer full accommodations for families or group of up to 8 for week-long stays in our beautiful beach house. Captiva is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Sanibel area. To schedule a reservation, call us at 952-225-0310. We offer excellent rates all year long!