Vacations can sometimes end up being far more stressful than we ever wanted them to be. When there's some much to see and do, it can often feel like a race to get it all in before you go back home. Take the pressure off by reminding yourself that if you're having fun, you're doing the vacation right. If you're looking for different ways to relax, try these ideas for an even better time.


Search For Unique Shells

Collecting shells not only makes you more appreciative of nature's gifts, but it also gives you a better connection with the ground beneath your feet. Cleaning, counting, and sorting those shells can help you give a sense of order to the beautiful chaos that is the ocean. As you're deciding what you want to keep and what can go back to the waves, you may just end up feeling far more refreshed than you ever thought possible from such a simple activity.


Meet The Local Fishermen

Talking to people can be a very stressful thing to do. You don't know what they're going to say, and you may just find yourself being anxious about the conversation before it even starts. But fishing is one of a few outdoor activities that has everything to do with patience. You'll find that most fishermen along the pier aren't in any hurry to go anywhere, and will happily answer a few questions from you about what lives below the surface. You may even want to try your own hand at catching a fish worth writing home about.


Send Your Family Postcards

Postcards can be a really relaxing way to recount all the fun times you've had. The key is to fill them out as soon as possible, so you don't forget anything. Writing with a pen and paper takes you away from all your electronic devices, and gives you a chance to concentrate on the feelings you have for the person you're writing to. There's no pressure to be the great American novelist, only a way to share your adventures.


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